DRF 验证器
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class Serializer(BaseSerializer, metaclass=SerializerMetaclass): def to_internal_value(self, data): """ Dict of native values <- Dict of primitive datatypes. """ if not isinstance(data, Mapping): message = self.error_messages['invalid'].format( datatype=type(data).__name__ ) raise ValidationError({ api_settings.NON_FIELD_ERRORS_KEY: [message] }, code='invalid') ret = OrderedDict() errors = OrderedDict() fields = self._writable_fields for field in fields: validate_method = getattr(self, 'validate_' + field.field_name, None) # 字段对应的验证器函数 primitive_value = field.get_value(data) try: validated_value = field.run_validation(primitive_value) if validate_method is not None: validated_value = validate_method(validated_value) # 调用字段验证函数 except ValidationError as exc: errors[field.field_name] = exc.detail except DjangoValidationError as exc: errors[field.field_name] = get_error_detail(exc) except SkipField: pass else: set_value(ret, field.source_attrs, validated_value) if errors: raise ValidationError(errors) return ret