qml 离线地图
时间: 2018-10-25来源:OSCHINA
2、在Kitematic里搜索安装 openmaptiles-server
3、qml 代码 import QtQuick 2.0 import QtQuick.Window 2.0 import QtLocation 5.6 import QtPositioning 5.6 Window { width: 1024 height: 768 visible: true Plugin { id: mapPlugin name: "osm" //provide the address of the tile server to the plugin PluginParameter { name: "osm.mapping.custom.host" value: "http://localhost:32769/styles/osm-bright/" } /*disable retrieval of the providers information from the remote repository. If this parameter is not set to true (as shown here), then while offline, network errors will be generated at run time*/ PluginParameter { name: "osm.mapping.providersrepository.disabled" value: true } } Map { id: map width: 1024 activeMapType: supportedMapTypes[6] height: 768 plugin: mapPlugin center: QtPositioning.coordinate(40.91, 111.75) zoomLevel: 10 } }